144. Stitched Tidbits II

Matthew, alone and in the dark, possibly intoxicated talks George Clooney’s taxes, falling down and acting tough.

Track: The Hanged Man: Blåkulla (Of Blood Is Full 2017)

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143. Cacciatore Party

Matthew and Fred talk ASMR videos, salt and cooking food.

Track: Queen of All Queens – Popol Ace (Popol Vuh 1975)

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142. Bath Bombed

Jason, Fred and Matthew back again to discuss Canada legalizing marijuana, minimum wage jobs, smart phone privacy and Brett Kavanaugh

Track: Ruphus – Coloured Dreams (New Born Day 1973)

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141. Ashy Hugs

Alfredo and Matthew talk soundproofing, surviving disasters, infinity, day cares, Cosco and massage decorum

Track: Volcano -Naked Prey (The Island 2018)

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140. A Summer Return

Matthew and Alfredo are back for a one-off summer podcast as they talk Jasons Personal Affairs, video gaming as old men, cars and picking fights at work. Track: Elephant Tree - Dawn (Elephant Tree 2016)

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#139. Real Talk W/ Big.D III

Darel and Matthew talk life with kids, new clothes and UFC talk. Track: King Buffalo - Kerosene (Orion 2015)

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#138. Real Talk W/ Big.D II: Punches, Elbows, Knees and Guns

Darel joins in with Matthew and talk gun control and the state of the UFC in 2018. Track: Metallica - Battery (Master of Puppets 1986)

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#137. Jason Eats all the Chips

Alfredo Jason and Matthew Talk about setting up a podcast center, Kenny G, the Florida shooting and wedding stories. Track: Tierra - Together (City Nights 1980)

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#136. TBT: New Year RAGEON!/Mouse Turds and Tiger Bones

ThrowBack Thursday dives into the archives that was FastFastPodcast. Mashups of quickie shows recorded in the Batcave with one Daniel¹.

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#135. Florida

Matthew and Alfredo sit down to talk about the Florida school shooting, Wikipedia rabbit holes and the spaces between the stars. Track: No Man's Valley - Sinking The Lifeboat (Time Travel 2016)

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